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Records and Information Management Services

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, one thing remains constant – the need for trusted information. Waran Records and Information Management offers trust, security, and excellence to redefine the way you manage your data.
Document Scanning Services

Extend the life and transform your paper-based records into easily retrievable digital formats for enhanced efficiency.

Document Shredding Services

Dispose of your outdated or confidential documents with our secure onsite and offsite shredding services.

Onsite Records Management

Waran records is your trusted partner in Onsite Records Management for Records Management, efficiency and security.

Records and Information Management for Industries

We will help you in your transition from manual to digital record management.

For organisations storing, managing and securing documents is vital. In today’s world, an organisation is enveloped by a multitude of operations which leave behind documents which serve as proof for the occurrence of said operations. Thus, every document requires indexing, categorisation, storage, management and security.

WRIM offers an opportunity to digitize all physical documents and store them in one easy point of reference. Save time, money and effort while increasing efficiency by digitizing documents and organizing them under the blanket of our document management software.

medical records management for hospitals pharma companies
Medical Industry

From medical Records Scanning to medical records storage and shredding, Waran Records is specialized with understanding of HIPAA Compliance.

Legal Industry

Records Management and Document Management Software help Legal Organizations Stay Organized, Compliant, and Efficient as they need to distribute records all time.


Construction sector is characterised with its extensive, detailed, and repeatedly revised nature, making the case for fool-proof records management and document management.

Logistics Sector

Logistics sector has extensive need for records management to handle their field systems, Proof of Delivery, fleet management and maintain vehicle maintenance records.

Financial Sector

Financial records maintain physical and digital records such as applications, deposits, financial contracts, KYC documents as per RBI's compliance. We help scan, store and shred securely.

Government Sector

We enhance efficiency, document accessibility for the public, while ensuring strict compliance with state, and central government regulations for records management.

Manufacturing Sector

Our records management for manufacturing offers secure scanning, storage and shredding of product specs, CAD drawings, quality control records, maintenance manuals etc.

Education Sector

Records management for educational institutions need to store, maintain and securely shred admissions records, student records, and academic progress reports throughout the year.

Revolutionize the way you manage records onsite.

We don’t just manage documents; we optimize your workflow, enhance security, and empower your business to thrive in the digital age.

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