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Waran Records is a certified records management company.


Waran Records has proven to support with RMS for all businesses.

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Preferred Records Management Consultancy and Information Management Service in Chennai.

Waran Records is a Chennai based records management company with 20+ years of quality experience. We use tried and time-tested customer centric practices. Our technology-based activities ensure speed, accuracy and ease of operation. Our customer management system assures value based Return on Investment which has branded Waran Records as the most preferred records management company in Chennai.
How we work?
We, at Waran Records, understand and acknowledge that every client is unique and so is his need. Our experience in the industry has helped us develop simple solutions for all complex challenges that the client may have in the records management sector.

What we Offer?
We offer both on-site and off-site Records Storage services, which our clients consider as one of the best in Chennai and Tamil Nadu.


Passionate and Proven

Ram Ramajayam

CEO - Waran Records

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With over 25 years of distinguished leadership in both Indian and international contexts, Mr. Ram Ramajayam stands as a seasoned professional in the field of Records Management. His illustrious career spans multinational companies, showcasing a wealth of experience and expertise.
A proud alumnus of Don Bosco MHSS – Egmore for his schooling and a commerce graduate from Loyola Chennai, Mr. Ramajayam has cultivated a foundation of knowledge that complements his extensive professional journey. Throughout his career, he has navigated the intricate landscape of Records Management, overseeing diverse portfolios across various industries.
Acknowledging the legal intricacies governing Information Management, Mr. Ramajayam has consistently prioritized clients' unique requirements, recognizing each opportunity as distinct.

His multifaceted exposure has positioned him as a recognized expert in the Records Management industry in both India and abroad. His contributions extend beyond mere compliance, encompassing strategic management, agile operations setup, adherence to reporting standards, and the cultivation of strong relationships with clients, vendors, and partners. Mr. Ramajayam's legacy is one of adept leadership, industry insight, and a commitment to tailoring solutions to meet the distinctive needs of every client. His enduring impact underscores a career dedicated to excellence and innovation in the realm of Records Management.

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