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Integrated information management software.

Information Management for the Complete Value Chain

Waran Records Integrated Information Management Software (WRIM)

WRIM offers a complete end to end RIM solution. WRIM is a comprehensive application that allows you to manage your active and inactive records wherever they reside, from one point. Thus save time, money, effort and valuable man hours.
By implementing a digital solution WRIM provides an overview of all your records and their access rights.

Waran Records is one amongst the few companies in Chennai that provide software, implement solutions and service to its customers’ record management needs. The ability to identify, design, implement and manage the lifecycle of records, from start to shred makes it a welcome solution for our clients.

Integrated Information Management Software

Salient Highlights

We will help you in your transition from manual to digital record management.

For organisations storing, managing and securing documents is vital. In today’s world, an organisation is enveloped by a multitude of operations which leave behind documents which serve as proof for the occurrence of said operations. Thus, every document requires indexing, categorisation, storage, management and security.

WRIM offers an opportunity to digitize all physical documents and store them in one easy point of reference. Save time, money and effort while increasing efficiency by digitizing documents and organizing them under the blanket of our document management software.

Real time tracking

Track all records stored in-house.

Complete Trail

Access legacy of the record such as history of retrieval, re-filing.

Locate Records

Track current location of record in the office premise.

Manage Users

Manage users handling any particular record.


Store digitized records in a common location for reference.

Digitize records

Digitize physical documents with ease.

Control Securely

Authorize personnel with permission to access files.

Organize Easily

Organize all files with higher number of identification parameters.

Glimpses of WRIM

Streamline and manage the entire lifecycle of records and information within your organization. Waran Records WRIM covers the entire flow of records creation, storage, retrieval, retention, and disposal of both physical and electronic records. Get a Demo.

Deploy Integrated Records Management Software

Let us implement the records management software and help you streamline information management.