Document Shredding Services

Securely dispose off obsolete records and get your destruction certificate so that you can maintain clean, lean offices and meet record-keeping compliances.


Let us securely shred, dispose or recycle your records.

Document Shredding is an important part of records management. Proper and periodic shredding of records ensures the saving of physical storage space. It protects the confidentiality that every organisation commits to its customers, by completely shredding the records.

At Waran Records we are one of the few RIM company to offer both onsite and offsite shredding services in Chennai. Contact us for all your shredding requirements.

How we do it?

To ensure that both the challenges are addressed, Waran Records brings-in the expertise to provide cost-effective, simple & specific solutions

We are rated one of the best documents management company in Chennai because of the client centric options we have in store. Since every business has it’s own ecosystem, every business requires customizations in record management policy, process and procedure. One of the points that sets Waran as one of the best records management company in Chennai is our tailor made solutions that caters to various business ecosystems.

Document Destruction Certificates

Provides a certificate of destruction as proof that documents were properly shredded. Certificates are essential for legal and regulatory compliance.

Onsite & Offsite

We offer both On-site Shredding at client's location offering complete control or Off-site Shredding in a secure shredding facility.

Secure Destruction

Our shredding services in Chennai caters to all forms of business records in a safe and secure manner. We consult on how to maintain records.

Chain of Custody

We help maintain a secure chain of custody from the collection of documents to the final destruction ensuring accountability with zero risk.


Outsourcing shredding services is highly cost-effective compared to managing an in-house shredding process without the need for capex.

Environmentally Friendly Shredding

Waran Records shredding services in Chennai deploys environmentally friendly practices, such as recycling shredded materials.

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Let our Onsite Document Shredding Services in Chennai securely dispose off obsolete records responsibly.