Onsite Records Management Services

We man and manage your records in your office premises - Deploy trained professionals and manage your records in-house.

onsite records Management

Records Storage and Management, at your Premise

Records, information or data represent our history and has operational, financial, legal and sometimes emotional value. The current legal regulations and statutory compliance also add a litigation exposure.

To manage these ever increasing records – there are

Inherent risks, costs and management challenges - In addition to aggregating storage, labour and administrative expenses
Investment on effort and time continue to rise to get the Required Record to the requested Person within the Requisite time.

How we do it?

To ensure that both the challenges are addressed, Waran Records brings-in the expertise to provide cost-effective, simple & specific solutions

We are rated one of the best documents management company in Chennai because of the client centric options we have in store. Since every business has it’s own ecosystem, every business requires customizations in record management policy, process and procedure. One of the points that sets Waran as one of the best record management company in Chennai is our tailor made solutions that caters to various business ecosystems.


Racks form the structural skeleton for the organisation of files. We offer racking solutions that saves space, looks neat and serves as a permanent solution


The right boxes make the most out of the available space. We have a wide range of boxing solution that will provide for space saving file storage.


We make use of locational barcoding to provide for easy and effortless accessing storage of records.


We device sorting and segregating algorithm to categorise all sorts of records in easy understandable format.

File barcoding

After segregation, we provide barcodes to file units for easy access and organization.


Records and information units will be allocated according to priority after understanding your requirements.


Records and record locations will be systematically indexed for reference.

Audit Trail

Monitor and track complete audit trail of the records with privileged access given to users handling any particular record.

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